Jumping page

Does anyone have any idea why the bottom of my homepage is feeling all jumpy?
I’ve got a feeling it might be something to do with a Flickr linked slideshow.
Cheers y’all.

I am experiencing something similar, but thse are local images. Not sure if my use of a class to force the images size is the problem, still experimenting to see what might be the cause

If I leave the page open for a good few minutes the jumping up and down on a page does seem to stop, though not sure if that is just a coincidence. I also need to check in other browsers, as it might just be a Safari issue.

Its nothing to do with a Flickr slideshow now I think. But it still does it for a minute or so.
Not good!!

Try switching off lazyload when you export.

That sorted my issue, thanks.

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No problem.
On all animations thru site?
Is it just lazy?

Is it a case of changing from Lazyload one by one, or is there a universal way?

It is done on export for the whole project I believe.

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Cheers honey.

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Im going to add a setting for this in project settings soon to make it easier to switch off if required.