Just a simple list with bullets


I need simple lists that can be used in text/content. I know how to do it in Blocs, but the way it is way now is too time consuming. Take a look at other word processors like CKeditor, TinyMCE etc.: https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-4/demo

It should be this easy in Blocs. And while I’m at it: although I generally like the idea of placing Brics, if it was up to me i would move all text markup to the inline text editor where you can already make text bold, bullet list, paragraph etc. Like this:

This would speed up my workflow big time


this changes the font that i usually have to helvetica(?)


I hope we get “normal” ordered & unordered lists soon. The so-called “Blocs structure list” is cool, but I really need a no-fuss way of writing plain old lists in text. Please make it easy like TinyMCE, CKeditor, Word, etc. :slight_smile:


so any idea so that the font does not change?


Sounds like an opportunity for a custom list bric developer