Just finished my second website created with blocs

Hello guys!

I just finish a new website created with blocs. Feedbacks would be nice as Im not a web designer or developer :slight_smile:

Glamorous Paris

Ps: There is still some text missing


Very well done!

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Very glamorous.
I love it.

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You have an issue at the bottom of the page on text with the word glamorous as you scroll. It just needs an adjustment.

Oh great thank you! good to know because the parallax doesn’t work on my computer! Are you on a MacBook or a desktop?

I tested this on my desktop. Very strangely that was on Brave, which is basically the same as Chrome. In Safari it looks very different.

Do you also see a white line between the parallax and blocs? How can I remove it? How does it looks in safari? I think I will remove the logo at the button cause I cant fix it!

The contact form is in a pale grey, while the surrounding areas are white. In Safari you have parallax as well, but the word glamorous is effectively obscured and you only see Paris. It only becomes visible when you try to push up the web page.

On Brave I also don’t see the video at the top, because these are blocked by default.

I just removed the logo from the background! Do you see this white line?

How to remove it? there is no padding

Yes it’s there. What version of Blocs are you using? I think Norm has fixed this with 3.1.

ah Im on 3.0.7

This seems to be fixed in 3.1.

Did the update but still same problem, I keep seen the white line!

Hi @Stewie_Griffin

It is because you have an applied margin to the row (<div class="row photograph-black-gradient voffset no-gutters"><div class="col-sm-12"></div></div>) (style.css line 267)

.voffset {

margin-top: 30px;

remove it and you won’t see the “line” which is coming from the white background color of the bloc.


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Very nice site! I’m just joining blocs, glad to see what this program will do!


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How weird! I just check and I didn’t have any margin but now is all working! Thank you so much :slight_smile: Still there is no way of removing this {.html} from the url right?

Hi @Stewie_Griffin

Check this for Blocs 3.1


And especially this:



I saw this today but it gave me a lot of folders and index pages. That mean after google will show all my pages separately?

Hi @Stewie_Griffin

As far as I understand, this is how it is supposed to work and according to other members it’s supposed to be better for SEO. However, I am not an expert in that field. Maybe someone else has some better insight to provide you with.