Just gone live, check it out…


Website number 2, like some feedback … blocs is glitchy as hell but still amazing!



Hi Paul,

Great looking and very stylish site!
I am not a big fun of super slow animations (although the one on welcome bloc looks great), but overall I really like the site! Great job!


Noted thanks Eldar, was in 2 minds about the animations, that’s a decider then! Thanks very much

The text animation loads twice…an on going glitch with Blocs on certain devices and browsers. Not very easy trying to read moving text…not really a good usability feature.

Nice content. Beautiful images, good feel …a couple things I’d consider though.

  1. I’d speed up animations a bit. can “drag” at times, and just feels too slow.

  2. The hero video is a grainy quality. I’d consider making the quality of that video higher if you can. I assume the source was HD, in which case it looks like a low bitrate possibly. Just a thought.

Nice work!

Great looking site! Very elegant :slight_smile:

@ptomline, very nice! I like the minimalistic look you’ve achieved - including the use of the mobile menu for all sizes. I’m not surprised Eldar likes this as his preferred style is very minimalistic as well. Keep up the great work! Warm Regards, Randy

Thanks dude, yes animations are bugging me too… and I can probably get away with twice the res, so I’ll do that too. Thanks very much for taking a look and your comments :+1:t4:Thanks

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wow, really nice entry animation! I think that the font is little to small, I have glasses and for me, it is hard to read it, I mean I can do this but i need to put some effort in it. It is really simple and i like it but on the other hand I fell like there is small amount of content. In my opinion, the navigation menu should stick on the top and when you scroll down to be able to easily change page, some useful tips you can find here: https://www.netguru.co/blog/10-ux-tips-to-improve-website-navigation Maybe you will find there something for you. But in overall I like this site :slight_smile:

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