Keep old version of Blocs

I am still running Blocs ver. 3.3.0 because I’m kind of afraid to update / change a running system.

Is there any way to keep both versions of Blocs installed?

Yeah, just download and rename the latest version of Blocs to 3.4, then it will not overwrite the old version. Please note projects saved in 3.4 wont open in 3.3.

Thanks Norm!

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I do this the other way around. I rename old versions e.g 3.3 and the current stable version is just called Blocs. I find this helpful, since the betas always have an altered name.

3.3 was stable and 3.4.2 is considerably better. I have only kept 3.3 installed on the off chance I face an issue updating an old project file to work with 3.4 or later. I have yet to encounter an issue since the first beta of 3.4 with the file format migration.

One day I’ll go through them all and delete 3.3, assuming all is well. No reason why you cannot keep an old project file intended for 3.3 and simply rename it if you are concerned, then go to work on an updated version with 3.4.2.


Well after installing and working for 1/2 hour in 3.4.2 I have gone back to 3.3.0.

Here’s a few of the issues I’ve had with 3.4.2:

  • crashed 3 times so far when saving (cmd+s)
  • if I resize the left column and make it wider, it’s almost impossible to make it narrower again. In layer tree mode not at all. I had to switch back to page view
  • page thumbnails not always showing all images, esp. if it’s a background image or a full screen background image (problem was supposed to be fixed ?)

I do not experience any of this. Just a suggestion, but try restarting the computer and then have another go. If it is still a problem send in a bug report complete with your project file with as much information as possible for Norm to take a look.

A while back I had a preview issue that nobody else was seeing, but it was all related to using a new mouse and a setting in system preferences. The point is that it really helps to fix problems when there is more information. If it crashes again, perhaps save the crash information report that goes to Apple and let Norm have this as well.

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Oh thats not a good start!

I would highly recommend getting involved during the testing phase too, betas can run along side normal versions.

Im already working on 3.4.3 now and hoping to have it out next week to begin testing.

Do you use iCloud synced locations? This tends to cause havoc at times.

Perhaps the releases should mention this so people aren’t caught out.

In many ways, shouldn’t our development areas be synced using iCloud as a matter of good practice (other synching mechanisms are available)?

I guess iCloud backup is benign, but synched directories between devices are not? I can only think that the danger for Blocs is that a directory is left in an inconsistent state by the synching software.

Blocs supports it, it’s somthing todo with the iCloud permissions going out of sync for the save location. I’ve not tracked down the exact cause yet but this is not a lack of support situation, more an iCloud glitch that a restart corrects. It’s not guaranteed to effect all.its very inconsistent from all of my findings so far.

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I assume either you or Apple have done some work on this, I have way less issues with it now. Could be improvements in Catalina? The main issue I had was when the OS decided that the Blocs Project should be in the cloud only and not local lol.

I wasn’t implying any lack of support, just a heads-up about the danger (and importance of Time Machine, etc). It’s not a consolation if if you are one of the 5% that may have the problem that 95% don’t have an issue.

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Hi Norm,
no I’m not using any iCloud services

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I still work on Sierra, I feel good and I don’t want to leave it for now. So I keep various versions of Blocs, because sooner or later will come the one that no longer works on Sierra.58