Keywords to display bloc

I not hopeful but maybe there is a way. What I would like to do is have a list of projects in a database or whatever which are flagged with keywords. Then on a blocs webpage a user selects or searches the keyword(s) and those projects come up in a list. Possible?

Resurrection post:
I have created a test PHP script that interfaces with a database. Yah!! Here it is here
The file lives in the root folder of the website.

Now my questions are;

  1. If I was to create a page in blocs, what is the best way to insert the php so it is integrated with the rest of the site . I tried the Html snippet but I didn’t have success.
  2. Will I be able to format this php or will it need to be coded.

I have inserted a PHP script into a snippet. See
It is all over the place. Some text is missing and even some code is showing. Of course my calling of the database doesn’t work. is a working (albeit crude and not perfect) example of what it should like and act like.

This is the result of my PHP snippet. Ii is clearly not wrapping correctly.

This is what it looks like when the php is accessed directly

I have been told the snippet has half a tag (whatever that is–I can’t find anything about it on line) , and there is no closing tag).

I would love some help on this. Cheers John

For info I have included the PHP script

I know this is not the done thing but I plan to start a new thread as my testing has come to the conclusion that the PHP snippets are not working for me and this is unrelated to my original request.