Kudos & a suggestion

I have worked with several other products and none of the support they provided equals the timely and quality support Norm provides the Bloc User Community as well as the Blocs forum and the education from Eldar.

Now the suggestion to go along with support we all get. Probably a suggestion before. I would like to propose the following 3 pricing options:

  1. Pricing remains as is, you pay when there is a version change.
  2. Subscription support for $50/year, this would include all priced version changes.
  3. Premium subscription support $75/year, this includes option 2 as well as charged extensions Norm provides through the Blocs Store.

Don’t know how easy this would be to mange and provide these different pricing options, but just wanted to throw this out to the forum.


I personally hate the subscription model. I think Blocs is just right as is. Most users see the benefit in any major release. It gives us the choice to upgrade or keep the current version.



@casey1823 I am suggesting you can keep what you have and optionally choose one of the subscription models. I know how difficult and costly it is to provide quality support and improve a product. I just think it would be a good option for both users and vendors if enough users would choose the subscription model to have an expected cash flow for support and improvement.

Most major software I use do not give you the option but have gone to a subscription model to meet their financial needs to continue to develop and maintain a quality product. If there are enough users that choose the subscription model you would benefit as well.

Subscription model of any kind would be the end for me.


I really don’t agree with you on this. This may be true for some businesses but others it’s just a way to make “more” money. Look at Adobe, they are making millions more than they previously did. The average user can’t even afford their products. It even spurred new companies to step-up and deliver a quality product at a reasonable price, “no subscription”. Affinity is one of the biggest, look at some of the new photographer’s tools that now are available on paid per release.

I don’t mind paying for a service, like a backup program but if a software program I use goes to a subscription model I normally look for another program.

I also don’t see how your “support” part would be feasible for Norm. He’s already dedicated to this forum?

I support Blocs by purchasing the program, paid Blocs at the store, any upgrades that Norm releases, and helping in the forum when I can. Norm sets the price if he needs to raise the upgrade price to stay solvent then I’ll support that too. Norm from day one has expressed his dislike for subscription models.

@eagle nothing personal, just a difference in opinion. :grinning:



I agree with the majority here, subscription would mean moving on. So many products have gone the subscription route, that if I remained with them all I would be paying a small fortune monthly/annually for very little extra from the products.
I would much prefer to pay a little more on purchase and know that’s it until a major release comes out.
And as for improved support, seldom have I seen a subscription package deliver anything extra. @Norm provides the best support I have ever seen for a product, and the guys and gals here back that up with their knowledge.


Although the subscription model I suggested was optional it is obvious from the feedback that any mention of heading in a subscription model would not be in the best interest for Blocs product.

Thanks for the feedback. :grinning:


Apols for sounding so negative, but what @Norm has here works. And as they say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.