Language selection with the symbol

Now I like to learn to make multilingual www-page. I start to practice pages where are only two different languages. In this case I only need to place one symbol to the right end of menus, from where you can choose to go the first page of the other language.

I have studies Eldar Gezalov´s very good video guide in Blocs, and I learned; how I can have two different menus in the same site. The menus bloc have to place on the dynamic area. Or is there yet any solution to have several menus bloc which are placed in the global area?

Then is the flag icon. I like to place it in to the right end of menu texts. How Can I place small flag icon there? The flag could be about 30 x 20 px.

Well - there is no one who have any idea how to place a flag as icon beside the menus. I have find so much, that I can now place a button on the menus. With Classes I should adjust the size of the button. Yes, the width I managed to change. But after adjusting the height, text is no more middle of the button. How I can adjust the height so that text will be in the middle of the button and on the same line as other menu texts?

Hello @peka,

I have recored a quick video showing how you can add an image and link it to any URL, page or anything you want.

Of course, don’t forget to place everything into the dynamic area!


Thanks Eldar of your video guide. But now you are doing something, what I don’t understand how you really do it. You are adding a new “bric” to the right of the Menu text, and you are placing picture to this bric without to go to drop menu. Can I find somewhere text guide of this how you do it? And how you get “blue box” directions?
When I place picture in to the bric (in drop menu) it will be great size! Your picture on the bric is small.

Well Eldgar, I’m coming into this. I have found the key commands to manage the brics. But there is still one thing what I don’t know, how to do it. When you place the image holder onto the bric, the blue line appears on the right side of the element. When I place the image holder onto the bric, the blue line appears either up or down side of the bric. Why so? Here is photo of my computer window.


Sorry for late reply. If you have some urgent questions, please use ‘@eldar’, because I sometimes miss the replies without mentioning of my name.

It looks like you got everything right on your photo, just position the mouse a little bit to the right and you will see the blue guideline on the right side. After dropping the image bric, click on it and set the size you want in the sidebar. Then, just pick your language image from Asset Manager and you are done.


I’ll try and try, but not. I can not see the blue line right side of the bric as you do it in yours video! I have Blocsapp version 2.4.0, have you the same? It was one of first thing what I think, when I starting to use Blocsapp; is there any way to add bricks with the horizontal way (right side of current bric). I believe that it was not possible, until I saw your video guide, where You made it. I have made a little video of how I trying this in my computer. You can look it:


I am using Blocs 2.4.2, which is the latest version. I cannot confirm whatever 2.4.0 works the same way, but I can confirm that 2.4.2 let’s you do what I am doing for sure. Why don’t you upgrade to the latest version?


updating to Blocs 2.4.2 was helped. Now the blue line appears on the right side of the menu text!

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