Large amount of empty white space appearing after full screen hero

On old bug has come back to haunt me. I reported this some time ago: Sometimes (but not always) if I create a new page and duplicate an existing page with a full screen hero at the top of the page, blocs will “add” a large amount of white space to the page, directly below the full screen hero. PLEASE NOTE: this white space only shows up in the edit window of the page. It does not show up when previewing or exporting the page. So in other words, this doesn’t effect the finished product. It’s just rather annoying that all of a sudden a big chunk of white space appears in edit mode.

Take a look at this video:

In the first part (“Leonardo”) you can see the large amount of white space on the page after the hero. In the second part you can see the new page (Wintersuite) which I created by duplicating the “Leonardo” page.

Yes, I’ve had this occur as well…and because it didn’t show up on the export (or preview) I decided to not worry about it…though it would be nice to know why it occurs, and even better to not have it occur!

now happening on all pages with a full screen hero …