Large white area in layout appears for no reason

This occurs on a regular basis: I build a page, edit it, and things look fine in Blocs and in browser preview as well. Then some time later, I open Blocs, go to the page, and all of a sudden there is a big white space in the page layout that wasn’t there before. This is only visible in Blocs. If I look at the page in a browser it looks just fine. Closing and reopening Blocs does not make it go away.

In the layer navigator there is nothing to select, that would indicate to me where this lager white are is coming from.

Also: there are other pages in the same project that have the exact same layout and code (duplicates), and they don’t show this problem.

Video showing white space in Blocs:

Video showing same page in browser:

Same page live:

Any chance you could share the file so I can find the cause in Blocs?

Be glad to. I’ll send it to you later tonight, Norm. Thanks!

Hi Norm,

here’s the file in question. Several - but not all - of the pages are showing this problem


Norm, as long as you’re taking a look at this file, I would appreciate it greatly if you would also take a look at a page titled “schroeder-wohnmoebel”.

If you look at the bloc which is right below the red area with the ID bloc-125, you will see that this block is not listed in the layer navigator. I have had this happen time and again, and quite frankly, it’s a little frustrating. This whole section is simply missing from the layer navigator.