Law Firm website
Made with Blocs 2.3 for a french law firm. No templated used.
Thank you Norm and your team for this useful app!

If you add a link we can critique it.

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Sorry…:blush: Here is the link :

I’ll give you some feedback on the site.

I expect a law firm site to have a little formality, so that it re-enforces the idea that the company is serious and competent.

I regard ‘ovals’ as being somewhat less formal, so I think I was surprised to see them being used for the home page and other images.

For a formal site, I think there’s a little too much animation. The opening page animations are problematic - one row of images appear upwards and after a moment’s delay the next row drops in over the first row. It’s not a good look.

I’d suggest fewer animations and for those that remain, they should be consistent. Sometimes things fly in from the left, sometimes from the right, sometimes they drop, sometimes they rise.

When in doubt fade-in, or drop and fade-in, or don’t animate!

Just my thoughts.


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I agree with @pauland, you to rethink the design. I doesn’t shows formality and even credebility in design aspect. Be good effort.

Thanks a lot Paul for your advices.

I agree with animation: to much and not really relevant…
Just about the ‘ovals’ and the original look of the site: it is a choice from the lawyers themselves in order to get a look totally different with other law firms. The goal is to be more attractive to young customers.

Thank you again for your thoughts.

I don’t see how ovals will appeal to young customers.

I think of them as being old-fashioned!