Layer Navigator Messed Up - SOLVED

I have wasted hours today with this and I confess I’m getting to the end of my tether with this software. I have been overcoming the constant glitches by closing and reopening, and if that doesn’t work, deleting the affected Bric or Bloc and starting again.

This time the entire layer navigator is completely messed up on one of my pages. Elements that are clearly in the build area are either missing from the layer navigator or displaying with a completely different identification and hierarchy. When I click on items in the layer nav I get nothing in build and vice versa.

The only option is to delete the entire page and start again. And then I realise that because this page is cloned from another finished page, the original page has weird hierarchy issues too with no obvious way to fix it.

Seems it was the List Bric completely screwing everything up. Even when I make a new row underneath, the list carries over in some corrupted way into it. Next thing to try is to make a new Bloc and move everything down into that - suspect with the inevitable problems that will occur during that process it would be quicker just to rewrite.

And then there is all the other constant glitches. Icons that you can’t select, or can select in some brics but not in others, columns that behave completely differently to other columns despite all settings being exactly the same in every single respect, buttons that will only work if you add them into an existing row rather than make a new row for them. All these weird idiosyncrasies that need work arounds rather than the thing just working predictably.

And on and on.

I’m sorry to bitch but I am spending more time wrestling with the glitches than I am on the creative process and it’s wearing me down. I have spent the entire day on this and have made negative progress

Hi @Highlander,

Sorry to hear of the troubles you’re having.

Have you reported these issues through support, including providing a sample Blocs project file that it occurs within? That would be the way to proceed so @norm can assess the difficulties you are experiencing.

I am sure @norm will be interested in resolving any identifiable issues you are having through support.


Hi Aaron @Highlander

I think we all have experienced such a situation at least once with any software although it might be no consolation to you at this stage.

To note, I have also experienced some issue with duplicating blocs which although visible were no longer in the layer tree or then pointed to the existing original bloc. So I just stopped duplicating especially since it is quite rapid to actually create a new one.

I have also realized that most of the time but not always for sure, I was the sole culprit. Applying classes to rows instead of columns or to icons instead of headers, etc. modifying the hover state instead of the normal and many other things due to the fact the interface is different from Blocs 2 but also because we have with Blocs 3 much more liberty to modify and be creative. I have read many comments from our forum members that the more they use Blocs 3 the more they like it.

Also it takes a little time to get used to how the columns behave… but once you get it you’re good to go and will enjoy them.

That said some of the bugs you might have experience have been resolved in the betas… I am currently working with beta 5 and it works so far like a charm. I just keep a backup file and save frequently.

Maybe you should give a try and ask us for help whenever you need.

Good luck. Tomorrow is another day.



Hey, sorry to hear you are having some issues with the layer tree and other areas. When you get problems like this don’t start from scratch. Report the issues and include the file. It’s very likely it’s somthing that can be fixed.

Blocs 3.1 is currently in beta and includes a bunch of fixes for the layer tree. Try that version as the issue may already be fixed and just currently being tested.

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Thank you Norm

I appreciate your help, that build seems much more stable. I apologise for being publicly critical of your product, I know how difficult it is to build a small company and innovate. The concept of Brics is excellent, the UI is good once you learn it. I chose this app because it appeared to be the future of web building on the Mac and I’m still confident this is true, just the odd gremlin that is freaking me out. I will be in touch directly next time I run into problems instead of shooting my mouth off on the forum.

Best wishes, Aaron

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Thanks MDS. I found that duplicating Brics seemed to reduce issues, I assumed it would be the same with pages. I’ll avoid doing that in future and just write each one from scratch.

That’s good to hear. I’m glad 3.1 is working out a little better.



My pleasure. I believe also that Blocs has been heading in the right direction and I must say I am enjoying the ride besides some bumpy days.

I tend not to duplicate pages. The reason behind is I used to drag my stupid errors/typos etc. onto other pages. Sometimes I just prefer the blank canvas. The global areas for me are fine to have on all pages because if there is an error you only need to correct it once as opposed to the global area that would have been duplicated to her pages.

Do not hesitate to post for help on the forum it is a great community helping each other.


3.1 definitely working a lot better.

I think at least some of my problems were caused by poor discipline - I find if I am conscientious in keeping the hierarchy as simplified as possible then there are fewer issues


Hi Aaron @Highlander

I fully agree. Keeping it simple is indeed the way to go and that does not preclude an amazing design.


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