Layers Control


First of all… Thank you for such a great product! I’m loving Blocs3 so far, learning along as I go, and cannot wait for Blocs4. I’m sure you have some amazing updates for this release!

Not sure if this is already in Blocs 3 and I am just not seeing it, but would love to see a way to search the layers panel (similar to the page tab), and ability to hide layers that are hidden for the specific breakpoints.


Depending on the content you want to hide, it is possible, for a certain breaking point. It can be h1, img, col, div or the whole block.

Hey @nelo,

Yeah I did notice that feature. Was thinking more of a global ‘hide / show hidden layers’ for those layers that already have been hidden and not show it in the layers panel and preview area.

for example, it could be an icon somewhere in the panel that turn those already hidden layers on or off.



That sounds like a decent idea, I made a Mega Menu with 4 triggered hidden blocs. Would save the extra scrolling lol

Yeah exactly. A cleaner view when designing. Help ‘hide’ the blocs / elements (that have the visibility property turned off) and declutter the view up a bit especially in the layers panel & main preview window. Only show the specific blocs / elements that are ‘visible’ for the active viewport.