Lazy load & carousel

Does anyone know if lazyload works with the carousel bric or just with images. Thanks. Andy

I just a quick test export, it doesn’t look like it applies LazyLoad to the carousel.

Thanks for looking. I assume it can’t be applied in some way. Andy

Lazyload usually uses a class and an attribute, so most likely not for the carousel Bic.

But making a carousel is rather straight forward using a Code Bric.

Then you could add it.

Thanks for that. It looks a bit beyond me, I was hoping to add to existing carousel.
I will do some research on doing one from scratch later, need to get my website functioning as can no longer get access with Muse.

I am having troubles with this too, I think this feature must be working on a carousel bloc, which is one of the most weight resources asset.
@Norm, how can we enable lazy loading on a carousel?

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