LAZY LOADING NEEDED - Site loading extremely slow

I have a site which is a single page and about 2.5 mb, but I have reports of being too slow to load (27 secs). Thats insane for such a small site.
I have 6 modals with carousels inside (images are 35kb each, between 5 to 6 images per carousel), and lazy loading doesn´t work with them.
Has anyone idea on how to implement lazy loading there to improve the site speed?

On my case I have under 2 seconds speed loading, and no issues, but people arroudn the world has issues. The site is

Thanks for your help

Browsers like Chrome are enabling lazy load by default at a browser level and have done so for a while now. I wonder if your problem is something else like web hosting or a network issue.

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Im on Argentina, where ISP are lower than everywhere and here I have a good loading speed under 2 seconds using safari and texted with chrome and firefox on my mac without cache. I assume if the network or the server are slow I would experiment that too but isn´t happening in my case

If you clear your browser cache is it still fast? Chances are you are OK because it is close to the server, but there is excessive latency for visitors from other countries. Strangely I always find with speed tests that Argentina is one of the slowest loading locations when I test my sites.

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@chicuelo Hopefully answered here - the lazyload appears to be a red herring: Updated my Site

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@Flashman Yes, this is mordor. We have high fees but terrible services… Third world stuff

@Hypnoman Thanks for your support! you really helped me finding the issue.
Thanks a lot!

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