Lazy times

I had to untick the Lazy Load’ on export to stop my pages jumping about like a Mexican bean.
So if the load time is effected by it, and it’s certain elements on my site (I don’t understand which elements cause it), then how to I implement Lazy Load?

Lazy load does half of the job, the performance of your server handles the other half.

I think when you see a delay and a bounce around this is due to the load time of your server fetching the assets that are required.

Try running the site locally and see whether you still get the same effect.

APS woodwork loads fine on my browser - the home page loads in 8.5 seconds, but then again I have quite fast broadband. There are four 404 errors in the page load - if you use chrome and the developer panel you’ll be able to see them. Worth a look.

Thanks @Norm.
I’m with TSO, but I don’t have the flashiest level of hosting, so I guess that’s an issue.

Thanks too to @pauland
All 404’s sorted. The missing assets were not needed, but I don’t know how to dig into the purchased slider scripts (Masterslider) to remove the call for the assets, so I put them on the server anyway.
I’ve run the images thru Jpeg mini, but I assume the entire page has to load, so this will slow the time down.
I need the decent quality images, so that’s the way it will have to be!

Thank you,

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