Learning Blocs advice please

Hello all.

I’m looking for some advice on learning Blocsapp. I’ve seen positive reviews of Eldar’s courses. Is there a huge difference between Blocs 2 and 3? Will I be able to run Blocs 3 but watch Blocs 2 tutorials and it all make sense? From what I understand, Eldar’s Mastering Blocs 3 course is a work in progress - however he does have a complete series of Blocs 2 courses. I really just need something to help me get up and running. I’m currently clicking buttons to see what happens. I need some kind of structured learning.

Any advice gratefully received.

If you already knew Blocs 2 then much of Blocs 3 will already make sense, however it’s a huge upgrade with a learning curve, even for experienced users, due to the number of improvements.

If you plan on starting with Blocs 3 I’d study Blocs 3, not least because the interface is entirely different in many places and the difference in features. Blocs 3 also uses Bootstrap 4 with an additional breakpoint.

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Thanks for your reply. I think it’s a bit chicken and egg for me. I should learn blocs 3 but there aren’t any (or I can’t find any) structured learning courses for 3, just for blocs 2.

I’ll contact Eldar and see what he thinks.

Hi Douglas,

Just like @Flashman said, if you know Blocs 2, Blocs 3 will be easier. At the same time, Blocs 3 is different in many ways, this is why the first update I am going to release for Mastering Blocs 3 is going to concentrate on the new stuff in Blocs 3. After that, I will gradually remake over 100 videos I have made for Blocs 2 for Blocs 3, with some extra content as well.

I understand that users want to get the full course on day one, but it is just physically impossible. So, this is the reason why I have included all of the old Blocs 2 courses in Mastering Blocs 3 package. While I work on new videos (the first update will be out next week), you can go through the Blocs 2 courses, which are still very helpful in many ways.

Also, the official Knowledge Base of Blocs is also much better than before, and it has been updated for Blocs 3. Check it out here: https://help.blocsapp.com


Thanks Eldar. I’ll spend some time going through the help files and I’ll have a look at your Mastering Blocs 3 package.