Leverage Browser Cache?

Currently it’s at an F. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Answered in another thread earlier today.


Great thanks. Where would I copy and paste that exactly?

You would create a .htaccess file on your server at the root level and paste it in there. It should be possible to create that with your FTP client as a new document and place it alongside the other uploaded files.


Ok got it. What should I name the file? If I name it .hta… a message appears that it will be invisible?

That’s correct. Sometimes it’s convenient to create the file without the dot at the front then add it when you have finished editing. Most decent FTP apps also have an option to show invisible files that can be switched on. The correct name is .htaccess and it won’t work with any other name.


Ok so I added the file and here is where I placed the file. I still see an F on the score.

I could be wrong but I suspect it is because you have used a textedit document that isn’t in plain text.

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