I bought BLOCS and installed it on two computers.

But a computer I no longer have and now I can not install BLOCS on the new computer I have.

How can I deactivate a license if I no longer have the computer where the program was installed?

Thank you.

You can read about managing licenses here:

Hi Norm I have been trying to retrieve my License number since I have a new computer. I submitted a ticket and have been sent this link but all I see is a way to log in and not a way to create an account. How do I create a new account so I can retrieve my License number? Thanks in advance.

I’ve responded to your ticket. I need some details from you to track your order down.

@Norm it’s Sunday.
You should rest. :grin:

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in particular, I have removed the license in an imac, several times when I have joined the team, just enter the store

with the mail with which you register the purchase, there it shows you the licenses and the equipment where it is installed you can deactivate them and put them in a new team

Hello everyone,

I have a similar problem, but it looks like doesn’t work anymore.

I’d like to install Blocs on my secondary laptop, where it’s been installed before. Now, I can’t activate, nor deactivate the license. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

P.S. Blocs Version 3, Blocs 2 might have been installed on that computer before.

Hello, I downloaded the trial version, then I bought my license.
Now I’m trying to put the lincese in but I get this message : “Specifies that we were unable to complete the activation of the product.”
So, I go to “Preference” and then I try to desactivate and I get the same message : “Specifies that we were unable to complete the activation of the product.”
Can you please help,

Hi Diego,
yes, that’s the same problem I have and the same error messages. @Norm - Is there a place to manage your license / devices? doesn’t seem to be the right one. Help appreciated!

Best and happy Queaster (quarantined Easter),


Hi everyone, I still can’t get Blocs 3 to work on my secondary laptop, any suggestions welcome!

Blocs 3 would have been purchased through Paddle and I believe there is a two machine limit. If you had previously used the licence on a second machine it may first need to be deactivated on the other one.