Licensed issue

good day @Norm I have a detail with my license and it is that due to hardware problems I had to change the SSD of the machine and I could no longer deactivate the license. Is it possible to recover it?

While you wait for Norm, Have you searched you emails for the original purchase email with the license code?

I have a personal license and as you will know it is for 2 teams and one is occupied in the machine of a partner and the one that remains is in mine the case is that since I had to change urgently the SSD of the machine did not give me the opportunity to deactivate the license to install it again

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Gotcha. It might be quicker to contact support directly then in the forum then.

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I had that problem sometime, but I think that the site where they sent him the serious one, can login and deactivate the license and so do it again! It’s what I did when I had that problem.


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