Light box does not show image

Hello everyone, I’m using a light box for an image change at the time of opening, but something strange is happening, in the browser preview from the blocsapp looks very good, but when uploading the files to the browser, the image appears as if it were broken, and check the permission and they are properly fine, but the image is not shown !!!

I leave the link where the error is displayed


Try to select the ‘Current’ image from the Lightbox settings, and preview it again.

I do not understand?
in the preview of blocsapp works correctly, but once online the link continues to appear broken! I do not understand what happens!!!

I also inspect the code online and a video tag appears, I do not know if it has anything to do with it?

this is the configuration for the light box

and this is the location where the image route asks, when it should be only:


Any idea of ​​what happens? @Norm


You have selected the ‘Alternative image’. Did you do that on purpose?
In other words, do you want for other image to appear when you click on your thumbnail?

If not, just select the current image and it will be fixed.


I’m really looking for that when I clicked on the image, there would be a different image, this function had been used in the previous versions and everything was perfect, but now it is not working, I do not know how to make it visualize.

in the preview of the blocsapp it looks perfect, once online, it appears broken

@Norm Any ideas on this topic? I’m about to deliver the site and I can not solve the issue with the light box!

It’s caused by clean URL export Blocs 3.2 beta build 3 includes the fix :+1:

I should have it out the door this afternoon.


effectively, disabled the clean URL works correctly! Thanks greetings

It’s fixed in build 3 with clean URLs