Lightbox add more alternative pictures

Hi, I have uploaded my freelance-page I made in Blocs. I’m a Graphic Designer and in some project I need to show more than just one picture in the gallery “lightbox”, 2-3 pictures depending on the project. Has someone a solution to this?
(I’m not a hacker code person - more a drag and drop. :wink:

Why isn’t it possible to add more than one alternative picture? Can’t you add that possibility, handling it like when you add in “the carousell”, nr 1, nr 2, nr 3… ? Would be awesome! <3

It is possible. Just add a gallery block to your page and populate with your alternative images. The gallery will automatically be given a name by Blocs (gallery-1, for example). Next, add a block (say an article block with an image). Add the link image, Click on the image and select the lightbox interaction. You should notice that the gallery field shows “gallery-1” as illustrated in the attached. Now hide the gallery bloc and preview. When you click on the article picture, it will allow you to scroll through the gallery. The image in the article block can be totally different to the images in gallery. If the image you set in the article block is the first image you want to display, choose the “Current Image” in the interactions settings. Alternatively, select an alternative image and add it as a placeholder image in the interactions dialog as shown in the second screenshot instead of adding it directly to the article block.


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Thank you, “hendon52” for your solution. <3 Thank-you-hug!