Lightbox background color

Sandy you gave us a good advice to change size and color for the lightbox controls in the old forum. That was very helpful.
How can I change the background color for the box?

the MODALS are handled by the bootrap core css, but you can override it
if you want you can add this in the head, in between < style element >

.modal {background:rgba(0,245,0,.5);}
.modal-body {background-color: #0480be;}

you have to change the color you want because the combination i made is just to understand the difference :smiley:


Perfect !!
Thanks a lot Sandy - again :innocent:

Thanks Sandy.
Moderators this kind of answers will not have to be somewhere top?Or compiled somewhere?


I think a detailed knowledge base of some kind is needed. The current documentation for Blocs is very thin and needs to be expanded, but this is probably too much work for Norm to develop and maintain on his own if he is also working on the software development.

As the forum community grows there will hopefully be more topics and engagement, but I agree contributions like this need to be more accessible one way or another.

@norm perhaps the CSS Class Manager could have a further expanded Subclass Lib to allow users easy access to a more expansive selection of common things / features (carousel, lightbox, etc.,) found in Blocs which users may wish to style and seem to be asking about.

A compiled list could perhaps be beneficial also as @Flashman suggested. It could be useful as part of the docs regarding the CSS related sections as perhaps most people perhaps don’t even know where to begin or become overwhelmed when searching themselves via Google.

I think an expanded Subclass Lib could perhaps best benefit most users however, whom don’t wish to delve into the code aspects and need more user friendly UI approaches.

I also like your idea that I saw you mention somewhere, of allowing users to paste simple CSS snippets directly into the CSS manager, this would be beneficial as well and offer expanded solutions to users. I too had that thought previously, was happy to see you mention it. ; - )

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Ok, feel free to share the classes you want added to the Subclass Library in Blocs.

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A solution that I think might work would be to add a 5th tab to the Class Manager Settings to allow add your own CSS in there. That way you could cover everything beyond the basic stuff which is well presented in the current 4 Tabs.

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That was my thought as well.

Well of course this thread concerning Lightbox, so those things applicable to Lightbox, and this recent thread about the Carousel.

It seems like the Lightbox and Carousel styling are reoccurring themes/questions by users, so I would certainly target them. I am sure there are perhaps other areas in Blocs as well for users to suggest, but other areas may be more direct already for styling. @Mackyangeles or even @Eldar could perhaps be a good users to give suggestions on possible desired Subclass needs.

Lightbox, Carousel and how could I forget the :grin: Navbar. Those are perhaps the top 3 users may wish to style but may be confusing or not readily apparent.

Exactly :wink:

The new build has some new subclasses in this area.

I made a quick check and so far everything seams to work fine.
Start a deep check tomorrow.
Thanks Norm

Everything works fine.
But what, if I had two different galleries and want, let’s say, different color for the controls.

Right now that’s limited, maybe in the future I can adapt this even further.

Would be appreciated.

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