Lightbox format medium view - SOLVED

I created a 4 column lightbox and formatted the image data via the sidebar in large view. In the two smaller views I get an acceptable format. I dragged the freehand handle in xs view to stretch it a bit.

However I do not know what to do with medium view.

The attached images shows the various views

Any help would be appreciated.


Technically I did not solve it but discovered a good work around that I thought I would share. I still am not sure why it would not format in medium view.

I created a three column multi row gallery instead of the 4 column. You can see that in large view i have more space with only three columns which I can adjust.

More importantly the three columns fits nicely in the Med, SM and XS views.

Maybe this will help someone.


Interesting what App is this?

I am not sure what app you mean? I am using Blocs.

The images are serving as pseudo images in a two row three column gallery with a sample background. The gallery will use a lightbox interaction.

Any other questions let me know.


Sorry, I thought the Color Chart was an App