Lightbox full screen mode

Hey everybody, just starting to set up a site with Blocs. I came from Adobe Muse, but since the informed that the stop to support it, i´m locking for alternatives. Blocs is a great choice for me.

I´m using a Lightbox fullscreen image slide. (white, without opacity) But theres still a 1px border and shadow around the image. I like it clean and preferably without arrows an close button. So, how is this gonna work? Would be great to get some advises.

cheers Seba

Hi @sebatre, welcome to the Blocs forum.

You can use Custom Classes to make alterations to the Lightbox appearance. There are already some for the Lightbox that you can see here -

Find out more about using Custom Classes here:

Hey, thanks! the reference guide i already used, but I couldn’t find an adjustment for this specific problem. Maybe its its more clear in the screenshot… I mean the 1 px contour around the hole area.

thanks for your support!