Hi y’all.
Is it possible for a Lightbox nation to open a carousel?
I want an image thumb or a button, that when clicked opens a series of 5-6 images.
Here’s hoping.

Can this not be done?

not in blocs, Lightbox only supports Images and Videos, not Carousels.

A bit strange, but I found if I put a series of lightbox images in a stack, and set ‘hidden’ to all after the first image; BINGO.
Probably bad code, but I think it will work.
I’ll upload now and see.

So Andy, did it work ?
Would like to see it and how it is best set.

The ‘click CAD’ image at the bottom is a stacked light box, so yeh.

Been trying to do that for a while now.
Any tips or advises on how to set it would be more than welcome.
Meanwhile, I keep trying.
update: Ok got it.


thank Eldar Gezalov for it :slight_smile:


Great trick, is this workaround still needed now in the new version when I want a carousel with different pics behind a Gallery thumbnail?