Line-height in Small breakpoint view

Hi everyone,

Why does the line-height change?
I want the text paragraphs appear without spaces in Small breakpoint view.


How are you creating the text? Is it a single paragraph containing all the text, or is it singe paragraph brics for each item? Have you used the list bric? If you can explain how you have made the text items on the page, we may be better placed to help you solve the issue. In most circumstances, it will probably only require a custom class to be set for each breakpoint.

Hi @hendon52 ,
Is it singe paragraph brics for each item.
I have not used the bric list, is this the best way?

Label #3 is an unsuccessful attempt to fix: Scroll to ID

@Rem have you tryed custom css with padding to 0 in top and bottom applied to every paragraph?

@daniels1982 Yes, but it does not solve the problem. I applied it to every paragraph and every column inclusive, but not.

@Rem I am really new to this program but I have read all the manuals and tutorials jeje, I think maybe I can help you. Can you upload your project here? so I can download it and try to help you?
Greetings form Chile :slight_smile: