Link Bric hover error

When I change the hover class on a link bric to a colour in blocs preview it is fine and the colour I want it to change on hover takes place but in an actual browser and on export it does not. Wondering if this is a bug or me.

@Blocs_Guy I just tried it in a fresh project in 2.3.2 and it works as it should.
Do you have a huge project with lots of classes?
Or is it a web browser cache refresh issue?

It did work in browser the first time, i’m not sure why its not working I even exported the project. I even tried in a different browser and it made no difference.

Sounds like a bug in the file, possibly a class over- riding the one you have. Did you set the global link colours?

If it worked at one point, it’s likely that you adding another class further up the train that’s effecting it. Maybe try exporting and using chromes inpector to see what’s causing the style sheet issue.