Link FROM a Bloc

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all staying safe and well.
I think I may be missing something really simple here, but is it possible to make a whole Bloc area a link to another page (or anywhere, for that matter!)?
For example, I have a Bloc (let’s call it ILLUSTRATION) which has a bit of copy and a background picture. Rather than just have the copy as a link, I’d like the whole Bloc to link to the Illustrations page.

Once again - and very grateful - thanks in advance for any suggestions.

If I have to do it, I create a bloc, then inside that bloc I add a button “bric”.

Then add a class to that button, call it “link-button” for example.

Then edit class and do the following changes:

Then add picture, that can have the text included for example and give it 100% to width and height, and repeat all picture and 100% to width and height in Hover state as well (you can have two different pictures for normal and hover state).

Then when you clic the bloc change padding to none, and width to complete:

Then click in Row and remove the option “Include gutters”:

Then click in the button itself and remove the word Button from the label:

And voila, you have a nice full block button:

Hope it helps you…

(You have to thanks @Eldar, as I learn with him…)


I like the sound of that! Many thanks @Pealco

@TrevReav Let us know if it works for you…

Will do Pealco, but the will probably be next week now, thanks (problems on another website at the moment!)

Hi @Pealco, sorry for the late reply.
As this is for my own website, it’s been pushed to the back of the queue for now.
I’m currently redoing 3 or 4 Muse websites in Blocs, so will be on this again when I come to an end with these.
Looking forward to trying it out though.