Link in navi not really scrolling to target

For some reason, when you click on “Kontakt”, the page doesn’t always scroll down to the appropriate section.

Could this have something to do with the fact that I’m using a lot of parallax? Or is it because it’s down at the end of the page? All the other links seem to work fine, just kontakt … ??

Hi Gary, it looks like it is working fine for me?

On my phone it scrolls down then bounces to the bloc before, but it doesn’t happen every time. If you haven’t already, try exporting without minimising html. I’ve had issues with that before.

thx, I’ll try that tonight

Here is a video illustrating the problem. I click on the kontakt link and I have to click it 3 times before the page finally scrolls to the section with the target “kontakt”

Hi Gary,

It looks like Lazy Loading is what the problem here. Try disabling it and test again.


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Thanks I’ll try that!I Might add though, that it’s been very frustrating for me to work in Blocs recently. For me the software still has a lot of “inconsistencies” …

Good advice, Eldar! I had the same issue and after disabling Lazy Loading it works well.