Link targets to anchors in any page

Blocsapp just ruined my day - my design isn’t going to work - I’d just forgotten about this limitation: you can’t have a link to a target on another page - you can only link to anchors on the same page.

I think I brought this up some time ago but had forgotten all about it.

I have a home page with six sections about a company service. Each has a ‘learn more’ link that should go through to a services page and scroll to the specific service information.

I am going to have to hand-edit all of the links. Argh!

You have to do this with “Navigate to URL”.

I hope that’s right. No guarantee.

Indeed, but it’s a poor way to do it when Norm already supports linking in the same page. Norm shouldn’t restrict these anchor links to the same page.

I think using “Navigate to URL” will work but the workaround is to use a relative link (a full link won’t work in preview) - still a pain.

Thanks for the reminder though - good suggestion.