Linking a modal form in Blocs to existing Mailchimp account

Hi All,

I have an existing form in my Blocs project which I want to link up with my customer’s existing Mailchimp account.

I know there’s a Mailchimp bric, but @Norm’s bric does not have all the fields needed, and I don’t seem to be able to add any. If that was possible, I’d probably go with the bric — but where do I get the “Action URL” for that?

As a result, I’m needing guidance on how to connect a standard Blocs form, and I’ll be honest, I’m looking for the ‘Dummies’ Guide’ here!

Any help appreciated.

Hi Frank,

I think the best way for you to go will be to use the code provided by Mailchimp, and if you want, change the style using a couple of custom classes or by adding a CSS to the Code Editor. Just use the HTML code bric to embed it anywhere on your screen.


Hi @Eldar,

OK, I’ve used the HTML bric before for code for tables… that part is easy!

I’ve also noted @casey1823 says it’s essential to ensure Javascript is disabled when adding Mailchimp’s code to the page.

My only concern is the part that’s out of my hands… getting the code from Mailchimp. I don’t have access to my customer’s account to go get it myself, and the guy who is offering to get it for me is talking about ‘API keys’… and I’m not sure that’s what I need. Will probably have to give it a go, however!

Thanks for your assistance once again.

Just ask your client for a one-time access. Then they can change the password once you get the code. You don’t need and keys, when making the form there is a no java checkbox. It’s then as simple as coping the code in Mailchimp and pasting it into the code editor in Blocs.


Hi @casey1823,

That seems the best idea to me! Have send him a copy of your reply, and will see what he says. We’ve been working together for over 5 years, so hopefully not a problem to do that.

Thanks for your help.

Great! I have 7 clients that use Mailchimp. In fact I manage all them. Some have monthly newsletters, others adds, some Facebook, others use it for meeting notices. I’ve made templates for every site that looks like the website. They send me the content and I make it look nice and schedule the campaigns.

I charge an hourly rate and my clients are happy to let me do the work.


Hi @casey1823,

I’ve never had any need to look at Mailchimp until now, so for me this is something new! I must look at some of their videos on YouTube. There’s plenty of them.
All the best for now.