List Bric - how does it work?

I’ve added a ‘List’ bric, and set its Data Source to a menu. But all I get is a set of ‘EMPTY LI’ place holders. I must be missing something obvious - can anyone advise? Thank you.

(Update: OK - it only seems to work if you place it in the “Nav Area”. So it’s a navigation tool, not a tool for presenting lists. Placing this information here for anyone else struggling with the sparse documentation).

So - follow up question. How do you make lists in this application. And tables?

The List bric was working with Data Source for me before I updated to 2.4.1. Now I also just get the EMTPTY LI place holders no matter what source I pick. Can the List functionality be restored like it was before? I need lists to work down in the main page areas too.

I just checked, thats a bug, I’ll get that fixed today ready for 2.4.2 beta build 2.

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Issue is now fixed and ready for Blocs 2.4.2 beta build 2.


Thanks Norm!

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