Livemusic website built with blocs



Most impressive and very stylish.


Thanks for your kind words!


Well done - gut gemacht, Wolfgang. I like it :grinning:


Love the site - really elegant and nice. However, you do need to sort out the players so they cannot all be started at the same time. You need a little javascript to stop other players when another is started. Apart from that, a really nice, simple design that works for me.


Hi hendon52,
thanks, you are right. I implemented the js code.


for others that may want to use multiple players on a single page, the js code is attached. Just decompress the zip and add the js file file to your page head. It will listen for all audio events on the page, and mute all except the one selected for play. (743 Bytes)


Great work and cool website. congratulations.


Great job!!! Looks very cool!


Great design…Job well done


Very great website :slight_smile:


Very nice website. Only thing i would change is the vertical align of the burger menu when you scroll down … is not in the middle :wink:


Nice work. :slight_smile: