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Hello blocsters,

how can one build a load more button like this one?

and load content only when clicked.

thank you

Add some additional blocs under your load more button, and then use the visibility options to display the additional blocs when the load more button is clicked. You can also set the load more button itself to become invisible when its clicked. You can do this on all the subsequent blocs so that you only ever have one load more button visible at any one time (the one in the final bloc of the page)

Thanks @hendon52

I found a video from the list of blocs master videos which explains this in detail.


HERE is an example for you.

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Hi @hendon52

how you make the button disappear when clicked once?

Give the buttons ID’s such as button-one, button-two etc. Add the button ID to the toggle visibility option along with the next bloc id. For example. If button-one is used to make bloc-two appear, set the interaction of the button to “toggle Visibility” and add bloc-two, button-one to the target id field. Because button one is already visible, when you click it, the interaction will toggle its visibility so it becomes invisible. At the same time, bloc-two becomes visible which contains it’s own button which becomes visible as part of the whole bloc. So, you would repeat the procedure on all the other buttons so that each button becomes invisible as the subsequent bloc is made visible.


Can you pls explain more sir/mam ???

@Arnav Attached is an extract from one of our in-house blocs tutorials. This extract walks you through the process of making a read more button and replacing it with a read less button. Also attached is the example blocs file.

blocsTutorialExtract1.pdf.zip (287.7 KB)
mor-less-info.bloc (1.4 MB)

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