Loading time

… before being smached from all the Pro´s…
YES - the pictures are 72
AND Yes, they are alll web optimized.
Still - Blocs uploads are not at all matching the Google benchmark.
All our pages are quoted “bad” in loading.
Weather exported slim or full.
We looked after the Blocs Pros` Eldar and others.
And their sites are loading as slow as ours in a refreshed browser.

This issue was and is a major reason to step out of Blocs.
Not deniying its potential - but simply not yet ripe
Speed is what we did hope to find in that super WYSIWYG idea!

By now - not realy acheuved

Have you tried enabling lazyload, I get great page speeds now lazyload is added. Try the Main Blocs site in google speed check.

It’s also important to note, Page speed is not always about the code but also about server optimaztion and server quality.

Do you have gzip enabled on your server, have you set the cache length for images, CSS and JS to 1 week? Are you using DV hosting or cheaper shared grid hosting, are you using a CDN to handle larger files like videos?

Page speed has many factors, the actual code is usually not the biggest factor, the hosting quality is.


Absolutely, Norm makes some good points. Slow website loading is rarely (if ever) because of the tool used to create the site.

There are a lot of things that can affect page load time. There are tools that can help you pinpoint the problem.

Perhaps a URL to the site your testing would help folks help you. Blocs sites are pretty much pure Bootstrap, so I would guess that it is not the problem.
As @Norm pointed out, there’s a lot that affects page load speed. [quote=“pixelwork, post:1, topic:1933”]
This issue was and is a major reason to step out of Blocs.

That’s quite a bold statement, without first asking for some help.

Bloc sites are considered pure. bootstrap and the service is properly load tested. So, I don't think that there should be a problem because of Bloc site. However, there are other lot of things which which can affect the page load time significantly. I would recommend looking for some solutions before blaming the Bloc completely for your website's proble. For instance, you can try Lazyload to ramp up the speed page load speed. Thanks

Wow, @Norm that is some good feedback. Thank you, for revealing some of your deep secrets. :wink:

Wow ok. It’s part of the culture on this forum to help each other.

You realise that Blocs builds everything in Bootstrap 4. And that Bootstrap is a major and common responsive framework.

When you say you have tested Eldar’s templates. Do you mean off his server or yours?