Local fonts and 3rd party brics missing after 3.2.2 update

I just wanted to report this behavior: I updated to Blocs 3.2.2. A few days later I opened a Blocs file which was made in 3.2.1 for the first time after installing the update.

The first problem I had was a warning: Blocs can’t find 3rd party Brics: Swiper & Same Height.

The second problem I had was some (but not all) local fonts were missing.

To further complicate things: the fonts were missing only where the text was styled using a custom CSS style. Fonts that I set in the site settings where OK.

Font set in site settings for H6 is “Tekko” = OK
Custom CSS “Gary Button” with font set to “Tekko” = not OK, font missing, and now set to Deafault/Times. However, all I had to do to fix this was to open it in the CSS editor and choose the font “Tekko”.

Finally, the third problem I had was some (but not all) of the images were missing …

I did not move the file between updates, nor did I move or delete any fonts or 3rd party brics.

I hate when this kind of weird stuff happens. It make me unsure in my work. I always have a little fear that “something” could go wrong when using Blocs. Every time I open a file to change something I always first save it under a new name - even if I’m changing 1 little thing. By the time I’m done with a project I am at something like “Version 27” etc. …

I love Blocs! I pray that stability and reliability are put at the top of the list for future updates so that i can keep on lovin it ! :heart_eyes: