Location of Blocs .bex & .bloc needed

Would someone please reply back with the Folder location for:

Built in Blocs Templates

  1. Built in Brics (.bex)

  2. 3rd Party Brics

  3. Built in Bloc (.bloc)

  4. 3rd Party Brics

Home Directory - Library - Application Support - Blocs [version]

You will find folders for custom Brics and Blocs. I do not believe you can access the built in ones.

Thanks @Malachiman that’s where I though they were.
If I want to completely remove Blocs, besides the added 3rd party assets, where should I also back up?
The reason I ask is the built in templates do not show up?

Have you being trying to add a Bric without a Bloc ?

No, I click on the Bex file and it installs it.