Logo between global and dynamic area

Hi, is It possible to place the logo in the globel area but the logo is bigger than the header and shows also in the dynamic area …difficult to explain …sorry :thinking: for example with a negativ margin on the header or so?!?
Thanks Tom

Yes, I thinks using negative margin would be the solution, but it’s difficult to understand what you want exactly. Can you please provide any type of example website?


Hi, I have to look for a site, and then I will post it. :blush:

Hi @Eldar sorry for the delay. I don’t find exact a site I am looking for. I have made a really simple jpg file … Hope you understand what I mean :blush:

Thank you very much , tom


So is it something like this site from @Creative?

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@tom2, yes, what you’re describing is having 1 or more elements (divs/blocs)remain statiionary and essentially “float” above other elements below. In order to accomplish this effect, you’ll need to modify the element’s (bloc’s) position using either “absolute” or “fixed” positioning. You’ll also likely have to adjust the element’s z-index, which controls z-axis layering of elements.

With the website example @Eldar gave, I had to do that with multiple elements. In that case I exported my Blocs project as HTML and then opened and edited it in Adobe Brackets. (but you could do it in any text editor). The key was being able to target my named blocs using CSS and in that way, modify their position.

In order to sort of “detach” an element from its natural positioning (relative to other surrounding blocs), you’ll need to set its positioning as either “absolute” or “fixed.” If you want the element to stay exactly where it is when you scroll down the webpage, you’ll want to use “fixed.” If you just want the original position of the element in an exact location when opening the page, but want it to move up as you scroll down, you’d use “absolute” positioning.

I did see a post earlier today where @webplus explained how to adjust the CSS from within Blocs. This was very helpful to me as then I don’t have to export it as HTML and open and edit it in another application.

Here’s the link to that post:

I hope this helps.


Thanks for your help !!! tom

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