Logo is not visable in the internet

Hello everybody,

I need your help again. :slight_smile:
I made my first attempts in Blocs and loaded a small page via FTP to Strato. Strato is my provider. The site was not bad and my logo was also good to see.
Today I changed the logo and added it to Blocs. In Blocs the logo is perfect. In the web view, the logo is also good.
If I upload the data via FTP to Strato I can see my site in the Internet but the logo is not visible. This is just a placeholder.
I tried the logo as SVG and also as GIF file.
I tried everything but I do not know what to do
You can see my page: www.lehmann.xyz

I hope you can help me.

Best regards


yes …xyz

Never heard of it.

The image is probably not on your server.
Do you use a FTP app?

Yes I’m using “Transmit” as an FTP app.

I added in “project settings” the logo to Blocs.

Is that correct?

Strichmänchen mag er nicht.
Du solltest das GIF umbenennen in strichmaenchen.

Super das ich einen gefunden habe der deutsch spricht :slight_smile:
Bitte nicht falsch verstehen. Ich habe so meine Probleme mit Blocs. Ich habe erst gerade angefangen mit
der Erstellung unserer Homepage und finde das ganze nicht so einfach. Das englische erschwert die Sache noch.
Danke für deinen Tipp!!! Versuche ich sofort und gebe Info.

In this forum are many folks from Germany.
You will always find help. And if you have a problem which you can’t explain in english just ask in german.
But try in english first.

I will do that in future.

The new upload is done and the Logo is visible.

Thanks again.

Yep. Works fine.