Logo on Sticky Menu

Is there a way to change the logo on the sticky header? Example, I use an all white logo on hero header but I want a white sticky header and it doesnt show? If i could make it color on the sticky headerthat would be great! Ive tried everything I can think of

If you’re talking about changing the logo, then you will have to do that in an image editor. If you want to change the bg color of the sticky nav, then just select the bloc & use the Colour control under Background in the sidebar, easy peasy.


No I need two different logos, one that is color on the sticky menu and one just white on the hero header

+1 This function is something thats really needed.

The sticky menu needs also some overhaul in the new version of blocs. There have to be some separately options, like the logo change, color switch of the background and changing height of it.

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