Lokal Fonts?

is there a website you get your local web fonts ? For commercial use? I get some font by font squirrel. But sometimes the license is not for commercial use. Or you can not download a woff format …

Where you get your fonts for commercial use ?!


Fonts at fonts squirrel should all be available for commercial usage, then of course you can always download fonts from Google, rather than relying on the CSS.

Over time I have built up a decent collection of commercial fonts through various sources and always adding more, though more selective these days. Fonts are so important to the feel of a website and give it personality. Obviously they can be a big expense, so you have to weigh this up with your usage.

You don’t need the Woff format initially. Download the OTF or TTF and convert them, so you end up with Woff, Woff2 and TTF. You can forget Eot and SVG that have been deprecated.

I use a terrific little free app that allows you to drag over a TTF or OTF and it creates the web fonts for you automatically. Although the web page they convert to Eot and SVG they have actually dropped support for them.

Hi @Flashman
thanks for your answer. For example this font:

I cant download a webfont kit. So you download the ttf and convert ?

And what is with this license ?

SIL Open Font? Things in the text say to rename the font and so on :thinking:
Is this for commercial ?


When doing work for customers I always buy a legal license specifically stating that it is for commercial web use with. Either with Adobe Fonts or MyFonts. Pricing varies, is usually dependent on the number of page impressions.

SIL fonts are the open source licence ones and I think you can use them for whatever you like with some minor restrictions. No problem converting to Woff etc though.

The ones you really want to avoid are fonts limited to personal use or indeed where you only have a licence for desktop usage. Just because you find a font on a website and it says free, do not assume that means you can use it where you like.

Ideally look for web fonts with extended usage rights. If you are only building a couple sites for yourself you can probably make do with a small number, but if this is for work with lots of clients and job types then you’ll really need to build a large inventory. I find it quite sad when I look at local designers and see they are all using the same bland Google fonts for every project, regardless of the subject matter.

I’ve just checked and at the moment I have 118 typefaces with commercial rights and many of those have a dozen or more variations in weight and style, so it really adds up and no doubt I’ll add more. This is why I really want to see a font manger overhaul in Blocs.

Here is an article that may help explain some things.