Look what I did!

So I’m not a professional website builder. Unlike most of you I have no idea how to code or all the other nifty stuff you can do.

But this is me and my new website.

Feedback is appreciated.



This is the first website I have seen made with blocsapp where I wish I hadn’t bothered to click the link.


Wow, thanks for the constructive criticism. I’m sure such a superior programmer like you could have given some feedback to a beyond novice like me, but you chose to be a complete dick.


There’s hardly any content and what is there is offensive.

Pages with The fuck you doing down here? as a footer don’t invite feedback.

Make a serious site, then invite people to make a critique. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Over 90 people have taken a look. Think why you haven’t had more comments.


Fowl Language is trending - since you haven’t paid attention.

But thanks again for being a dick.

I don’t think discussion about Chickens is actually trending and my name isn’t Richard, so your post is wrong on both counts.

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You asked for feedback.

Where’s the appreciation?