Looking for person to support me with several issues

Hi. I have build a website with Blocs. With hardly any experience I have come quite far.
But now I experience several issues (like a working menu and contact form) that are hard for me to resolve.

Who can help me in short notice working on my Blocs project file to resolve these issues?

Let me know!

What issues are you having, I’ll try and help.

Hi Norm, thanks for responding.

I have two issues:
Menu - It does not respond to settings I made:
a) I have limited my menu to two items ‘Home’ and ‘Contacts’. But it keeps on showing all menu items I had before but deleted. There are no pages associated to deleted menu items.
b) The menu does not adopt to viewing on a computer or tablet or smartphone screen. I have tried several settings, but it did not change.

Contacts form - I have build a contacts form and made settings to which email addres it should be send. But when pressing the Submit button, nothing happens.

Free lancer - I have other items like adjusting images, videos, etc. But I would like someone to handle those for me. So I am looking for a person that can help me with all kinds of issues to be build with Blocs. So I can concentrate more on content and speed up my process. Can you recommend any one?

Best, Ernst

A. Regarding the menu item issues. Try selecting the menu and setting its data feed to none then back to primary again.

B. I’m not sure what you mean?

C. Regarding contact forms, have you tried various receiving email addresses to rule out a spam filter preventing it arriving?