Lost Image Links problems

When you open a Blocs 2.6x file we must integrate to v3, which really does not work well anyway, but if you delete, move or remove the Folder the has the Assets you’re going to run into issues.
Is there a way to re-gain / re-connect images file in Blocs 3 when the original Folder location has been removed or renames?
I tried Right-Clicking to see if I had the option of pointing the missing file to a different location, but the only choice is “Remove”.
Am I the only one saying anything about this problem?


Not sure I totally understand what you mean.

If you are missing assets, simply click the double arrow circle on the right and reconnect the first image, no matter if you have changed the name or location, just point to the correct image in the correct/new location.


That all works well, but why do we have to connect one image link at a time?
There has got to be a more efficient way.

Hi @KBConcepts

You only need to connect the first image. Indeed, if there are other assests avaialble in the same location Blocs will ask you whether you want to reconnect them all.

That is provided you have not changed the original names of the images obviously.


That makes sense @MDS because some reconnected and some did not.

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