Lost link in asset?

PLEASE help, with the new installation all photos have disappeared but not. they are displayed in the asset manager without content and cannot be replaced. somehow the link to the original is missing I think. does anyone know the problem and can help. Many thanks. rainer

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-01 um 22.13.03

If you have renamed the original folder or moved it, is when usually when the problem appears.
Let’s hope the issue get dealt with in an future update or new version. This has been a time consuming pain too many times.

I think the problem is deeper. In the export, the image is displayed on the website. when editing too. The images are not displayed in the asset and in the main window. :frowning:

Just curious, what version and build are you using?

I reported a while ago the same issue. Probably your images are stored in Icloud which seems to be a troublemaker.

I’m not adding value to the thread, so apologies. I used to store all my original files and the blocs files in the iCloud folder.

Then I read somewhere about iCloud being an issue so moved things to a local folder on the Mac. 1 month later Mac crashed beyond recovery. Had to have a new Fusion Drive, lost a months amount of work. Doh!

Back to the cloud it is! Lol

Blocs 4.5.2

Thanks Jerry, I dragged the file onto the system disk and the pictures are there again. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

By the way, I think I’m done with my site now

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