Love Blocs Hate the Menu system

I’m so frustrated with the menu system in Blocs! It should just work! I’m sick of wasting time trying to get them to work correctly… Made a simple menu, didn’t change anything but the menu text color to white. Left it in the default drop down menu. Works great on laptop, phone displays great, but when I rotate my iPad to portrait and the menu changes to the mobile icon when I click on the dropdown background menu is white so the text links does not show up. So how does the mobile view on my phone work great and the mobile view on the iPad doesn’t.

Changed menu to to slide out. Yup background color is black which is ok. The problem is now I can’t even touch a link and have it go to the page. The menu just goes back really fast.

I must say I’ve been a long time supporter of Blocs but these menu bugs are getting the best of me!


Sorry for the frustrations @casey1823, the navigation in Blocs is a more technical area that does still need more development. Could I just ask, is this using the most recent version of Blocs 2.3.1.

The reason this happens is because the design adjusts based on the width of the screen not the actual fact it’s on a mobile device, It’s most likely a blind spot.

Going forward I’m hoping Blocs will eventually allow you to add custom breakpoints so you can fine tune designs on each possible screen width if you want.

If you could also DM me the file I can test it directly with how your design is setup.

I’ve had the same. It took ages messing with custom classes.

You can say that again.

Just to clarify this is an issue regarding text colour on the iPad dropdown menu?

Yep. Sorted it with sub-classes tho. :v:t3:

Hey @casey1823, quick update here. The iPad nav colour link bug is fixed and ready for todays beta build 6. Im still looking into the special nav link not working when being clicked.

Thanks Norm, I sent you the information you wanted. I know it’s a very complicated issue, thank you.


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here a problem with my nav is so messed up i need help