M1 iPad

So… Apple have announced an M1 iPad, I guess Blocs would be able to come to iPad eventually?

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id love to be able to update my site on the move.

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Right now I am using my iPad Pro for 99% of my work. The new iPad will be ordered and I would love to update my site on the go using the iPad. I assume it shouldn’t be a big problem. So lets keep the fingers crossed!

Only going to happen if some significant changes are announced at WWDC that opens iPadOS up to run macOS apps/its own development tools.

This is likely to happen. Prosser said Final Cut Pro etc was coming to iPad a year ago, and looks like hw will be right.

You can actually do that: Use Volt for things you want to update on the go…

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Indeed abs I do use volt, I mean for more of the site and not just those parts linked with volt