Mac utility that may be useful


Earlier today I discovered an an app called Get Plain Text that automatically strips out formatting when text is copied from a PDF or webpage etc before pasting to another location, such as a web page where it might mess with your results.

You just install it and set your preferences, then forget it. This is free but there is an option to make a donation if you wish and I think this could potentially be a huge time saver. Copy pasting from word docs for example is notorious for causing problems with web pages. I often run text through text wrangler first, before pasting to a Blocs project but this should eliminate the need for that.


You can also go in to your system preferences and chain the copy/paste keyboard shortcut to paste/match style. Here’s a article on how you can do it.



But is that the same thing in this instance with Blocs? We are applying styling to the text in Blocs by choosing a font and size, but you still want to know that the pasted text does not include unwanted remnant of contaminated code. This is what this app would appear to do.



Just like buses, you wait ages for one to arrive and then two turn up at the same time. This is another free option that was released recently.