MacOS 10.14 Mojave

Gonna update to 10.14 beta later tonight. Will confirm how Blocs runs (if at all) on it.

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Let us now how it goes. I’m just waiting to hear if my mid 2010 Mac Pro will run Mojave.

Ill be installing it in a week or so and start patching stuff.

It will: “Mac Pro (Late 2013, plus mid 2010 and mid 2012 models with recommend Metal-capable GPU)”

But still kinda wondering why Apple kicked out so many macs… my iMac 2009 and my Mac Mini 2011 are still more than capable for all daily work (as they run e.g. even as server).

It looks like mine will run Mojave, but only if I upgrade the video card. I think I would like to run Mojave and keep up to date, however I’m waiting to see exactly what those video card requirements will be and how much that will cost. In terms of outright speed my Mac Pro still runs rings around a current i7 3.5GHz MBP, so I also find this a bit much from Apple.

I still have an ild iMac from late 2007 that is more than capable of running Blocs, handling email and editing images for web usage, but that one cannot be upgraded beyond El Capitan. It is merely kept as a backup on standby.

Working good so far on iMac late 2015 and my 15" rMBP 2017

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good to hear :wink:

First impression that it works OK so far.
But it seems that SOLIS has a problem to show background videos or images.

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It’s great to hear that Blocs works fine. What about the system overall?
I install the first developer betas of macOS every year, but I always find it too buggy.
What are your first impressions on stability and performance?


Eldar it’s hard to say.
I have it on an external HD which means it’s working a little slow which is normal.
Also the index process for spotlight needs many hours sometimes. I will let it run overnight and check the speed tomorrow.

Hey @Bootsie,

Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to hear how it does over time!

I installed Mojave on an external HD with HFS+ and MacOS 10.13.5 (the former internal HD of my MacMini 2014).
During installation of Mojave it was changed to APFS without asking me.
There was no option as far as I remember.
So folks beware.
I keep testing.

Runs well for me on a 3TB Fusion now on APFS. Haven’t ran into any stutters or performance issues yet. Only issue so far is Silverlight appears not to be working…